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Our First Year

May 5th, 2014 in Articles

Almost one year ago to the day we opened our property maintenance business. We had three young boys under the age of five a second mortgage on our house to finance the business and dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Today with our savings depleted, our boys getting older, some extra gray hairs and an almost always full to do list we couldn’t be happier. Our business is healthy and growing at a much better rate than expected. We have 3 part time employees who are absolutely the greatest. Our two main house cleaners are amazing. For the better part of 9 months they both have been working hard when needed and willing to step back to let us work during some of the slow times. The great attitudes, fantastic work ethics and willingness to be part our start-up dream is appreciated more than words can say. The 3rd member of our staff is one of my best friends and someone who I have worked side by side with for the last 15+ years. Without him filling in the gaps we really would have struggled through the winter. He would take on the coldest, least desirable jobs without too much complaining and would always be available for more. He is one unique and fantastic individual.

Then there is my wife and business partner. What a trooper, our own family generates an impressive amount of laundry but during the holidays it would not be unusual to have 6 to 10 large laundry bags tagged and needing to be cleaned for another quick turn in a few days. She would do all this and keep our house somehow in order with food in the fridge and constantly refereeing some issue with our two older boys. At times it felt like we were those circus performers who twirl more and more plates on sticks until one would be sure the whole thing would come crashing down at any minute. Truly an amazing woman and I am more than grateful that we get to start and end every day together.

The last year is a bit of a blur but we have met some fantastic people and have tried our best to be the best at what we do. Our clients seem happy, our staff is ready for summer and we are eager to see what the next year brings. Hopefully not as much gray hair and the slow rebuilding of our savings at the very least.

Sean Lynn